About Josh & Sabrina

“Teamwork makes the dream work.”

We’ve a ll said that ironically. But Josh and Sabrina Ward are genuine proof that these words are more
than just a catch phrase touted at corporate retreats. The husband and wife duo are bringing the
analytic/intuitive tag team concept to Seven6 Realty and Ellis county. And as dwellers of the area, they
are eager to blow the whistle on one of DFW’s best-kept secrets: the luxurious and charming
neighborhoods of up-and-coming Waxahachie and Midlothian.

The Wards are excited to build and nurture new relationships in their neck of the woods.

Josh, a Texas native has a brains and brawn background. His experience is in aviation process
engineering and law enforcement. His stellar intuition and painstaking attention to detail is what makes
him a success in the business of buying and selling homes. Josh’s analytical mind and
nose-to-the-grindstone work ethic guarantees that his clients get the best results possible.

Sabrina brings not only brains to the team but adds the beauty to complete the Ward team trifecta. True
to the Texas spirit of leadership, for more than 12 years the Floridian transplant owned and operated a
thriving salon and spa business, specializing in esthetics and professional make up artistry. Sabrina’s
ability to find and enhance the beauty in all things is invaluable in the real estate industry, namely interior
design. She sees past any home’s cosmetic flaws to its gorgeous potential and makes her vision a reality
through remodeling and expert staging.

More than real estate specialists, Josh and Sabrina are parents and philanthropists (As if parenthood isn’t
philanthropy in itself, right?). The couple are believers in the family-first mantra, raising three beautiful
daughters together. They are community advocates and enjoy working with charitable organizations like
Mission 3105 and Brotherhood for the Fallen.

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