This weekend something very exciting is happening… High Point Market 2017! If you haven’t been around the interiors world, High Point is the mega market of home interiors. This is where the Who’s Who of the home interiors world go to buy and sell their goods. So how does all of this buying and selling translate into your home? What trends can you expect to see in stores and magazines in the next few months?

In short, modern organic. I know that seems like an oxymoron, so bear with me…

This year’s High Point Market is filled with naturally inspired pieces with rock, wood, metal, and metalics as well as modern/ simplisticly designed furniture and accessories. Expect to see shiplap galore thanks to Chip and Jo (who have a to- die- for booth at HP) and plenty of gold accessories to hang on those beautiful antiqued walls. Modern pieces such as minimilastic chairs and kitchens will be on display. Gone are the days of stainless steel appliances and in are black stainless pieces along with bold colors such as red and blue; not just in rugs and minor appliances, but in cabinetry itself.

The designers and artists are inviting you to be creative. If you want a turquoise front door, go for it. If you want a large wood focus piece, hang it. Now is the time to bring the outdoors in and pair it with simple, modern furniture.

The best part of this time in design is that it’s easy to incorporate it piece by piece into your current home. Start with an accent piece. A wood and metal coffee table is a great start; used daily and can be a focal piont in the living room. Or what about your fireplace. Begin with a quick paint of the brick, add a piece of art or an antique mirror and well worn books, toss in a plant or two and you have a rejuvinated living area. All of these pieces can be bought new (and look aged) or can be bought from antique stores or even garage sales. For your kitchen, changing out your lighting fixtures and door knobs/ drawer pulls can make it feel fresh and new.

If you are completely unsure where to start, ask. The ladies of Seven6 are here to help you. We would love to see your updates! Post your pics on social media and tag us! And as always…

Dream big. Choose local.


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