What do US News, Time, Niche, The Crazy Tourist, USA Today, and Parenting all have in common? They have all listed DFW area cities as some of the top cities to live in America. From Allen to Mansfield, many North Texas cities lay claim to this title because of jobs, low cost of living, and family oriented environments. Couple that with a mass relocation of tech companies, auto related businesses (most recently, Toyota), entertainment organizations, and distribution networks (think Amazon), and Texas has become one of the fastest growing States in the nation.

If you are one of the many relocating to the Dallas/Fort Worth area, what are some steps to save yourself time and stress? First of all, if your place of employment is moving you, they will probably work through a relocation company. While some ‘relo’ companies work with specific agents, most will allow you to pick your own local agent to represent you in your new city. The DFW Metroplex is massive (it takes two hours to get from one end to the other). It is a good idea to find a REALTOR® that lives in the city you want to relocate to. If you’re unsure which city to choose, contact a brokerage that has experience in the Metroplex and a network of agents throughout many cities.

Second, understand the local housing market. Markets vary from city to city throughout the U.S.  Become familiar with the market in the area you’re relocating to. Houses in the Dallas/Fort Worth area go quickly. It’s important that you have a sense of urgency when your agent sends you options. The house of your dreams may only be on the market for a few days; even hours. At Seven6, we utilize technology like live video showings so that you can see homes from your desk and not have to fly in or purchase blindly.

Finally, have your financing secured with a company that understands Texas real estate laws. When dealing with nationwide mortgage companies, sometimes closings can be pushed back or stalled. It’s best to deal with a local firm, or at least a local loan officer. The last thing you want to happen is to have a closing date set, your entire home packed into a truck, then get hit with a delay in funding. This is another aspect of relocation that a good local agent can help you with. Seven6 has trusted mortgage companies that we have seen work with all types of clientele for all types of housing. We also have real estate attorneys who can help with any issues that may arise so we can get you to the closing table on time.

We understand that relocating to another state can be intimidating.  With the agents of Seven6 in your corner, you can rest assured that your needs will be met and the transaction will be handled with care. We have experience in relocation services and will pay attention to the details of the move, so you can focus on your family and career. Be sure to request our free relocation guide under our services tab.

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