According to CultureMap Fort Worth,, and Zillow, the DFW metroplex is one of the “hottest” places to be in 2018. What is it that is drawing so much attention to our neck of the woods, not just statewide, but nationwide?

First of all, the job market in the DFW metroplex is one of the fastest growing in the nation. With job opportunities in the ever changing tech market, specialized medical fields, finance, and of course real estate development, millennials and GenXers alike are moving to DFW to start and grow their careers. On top of that, with sought after tax and employee incentives, Fortune 500 companies like Toyota, Facebook, Google, and Amazon are moving in and bringing jobs with them by the thousands.

The housing market and low cost of living are two other major factors in the exciting growth and desirability of the DFW area. No state income tax, low interest rates on mortgages, and excellent public schools lend this area to home owners and families. With housing coming in at 15.5% less expensive, transportation at 6.3% less expensive, and groceries at 10.5% less expensive, Texas ranks as one of the 10 cheapest states to live. Couple that with new home builds up 10% and one of the top 10 states for job growth, the DFW metroplex is hard to beat.

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